ARKA has started its activities since 2011 with the aim of achieving advanced technologies and manufacturing machinery of various industries, including oil, gas and petrochemicals and boilers. The company, with extensive research in different fields, is a major step in the production of science and knowledge And high-tech machines that have made it possible to compete with reputable foreign companies.

With the presence of expert and capable human resources as a leading and leading international and international company, Arka has become a focal point for innovation and creativity through the creation of an ideal research atmosphere.

Technology and Innovation

We have gathered a huge collection of chores and how many years have passed, which in fact are the foundation of the company. Including comprehensive information on welding processes, engineering design and mechanical engineering, and electronic science and software.

Our design engineers and our production and production technicians have increased the capacity for creativity and innovation on an ongoing basis to make it more reliable and easy to find answers to different issues. Therefore, the production of an automatic welding machine (Orbital Welding) is a major step towards localization and development of the mother country of the country, which has extensive research to achieve its various parts, including: (Rotary Joint, AVC, Electronic Rotary, Communicational Protocol ), And the technology of manufacturing Rotary Joint is available to several few countries in the world.